Bottom of the Hill

San Francisco, CA - Nov. 17, 2002

(photos submitted by Mariko, Seiko and Sperry)

Check out more pix from the show taken by Patrick at his site CinemaChronicle.

My Lucky Day
Put her in the movies
Don't Show Me Heaven
She's Not Enemy
Lost Myself
Miracle Medicine
Complicated Man
New Song
I Live
Goodnight Sweetnight

Encore (electric/solo):
She Goes To Bed
Very Best Years
The Plan
The Man I Used To Be

with band:

(setlist submitted by Seiko)

Mariko & Seiko (who flew in all the way from Japan!) say:

We saw Jason's show for the first time! It was well worth the long flight. Thank you Jason & Bay Pop Fest!!

Sol Friedman says:

Unbelievable performance. Jason conveyed all the complexity of his studio recordings even during the solo set, but with a live feel. Much of the crowd was singing along - they knew all the words. He is poised to become the next big thing!

Steve Dunlap says:

show was awesome! i do love small intimate club concerts. i was by the stage and to the right of jason. i enjoyed watching all of the intricate facial movements he made while singing. great show and would like to see him in europe next time i'm there.

Dan Bos says:

this show rocked! jason was phenomenal with the crowd...a great sense of humor. the band was tight for the most part. jason's firebird sounded amazing! I got to meet him before the show and he is a really cool guy. he was really appreciative of my compliments and was cool to answer any of my questions...ROCK!

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