Camden, London - Aug. 6, 2002

(submitted by Andrew and Janine)

Complicated Man (new)
She's Not The Enemy
Lost Myself (new)
Don't Show Me Heaven
She Goes To Bed (first 2 verses sung by the audience!)
Johnsburg, Illinois (Tom Waits cover)
Taking It To The Streets (Hilarious Michael McDonald impression)
Ode to Lethargy (kinda new)
Goodnight Sweet Night
His Train
(intro of the Who's Pinball Wizard)
Put Her In the Movies (new)
I Live
Miss Understanding
The Hard Way
Afraid Himself To Be
Revelation (audience providing top backing vocals)
Miracle Medicine
Wicked Anabella (Kinks cover)
Very Best Years (The Grays)
Start Over (formerly Start Over Again)
The Man I Used To Be (Jellyfish)

I Go Astray
Moonage Daydream (David Bowie cover)
A Song From Under The Floorboards (Magazine cover)

Venners says: This was a f*Cking blinding night. Mr. Falkner seemed genuinely blown away by the voraciously appreciative crowd. The man enjoyed milking the never-ending stream of requests thrown by the audience and was visibly moved by the entire crowd singing "she goes to bed" back at him. Lovely crowd harmonies on "afraid himself to be" too. Tom Waits and Bowie songs aplenty (well one of each). Friendly and very obviously muso (but not snobby) crowd too; here simply to stand in awe of the great man. celeb stalkers note the singer and bass player of travis along with one of adam and joe(!) were along for the ride.

Dave Cashmore says: Perhaps one of the best gigs I've ever been too, Jason proved that he is more than just an arranger of intricate chamber pop melodies, he is a true songwriter. This was plainly obvious in the way that he played all songs on his own with just one instrument (audience harmonies aside), and the songs still sounded superb. The best part about the venue was the fact that it was so informal, like being at a mates house and listening to him play. Jason truly is a nice guy, and you could tell that he was really enjoying himself and totally getting into it. The only downside for me was the fact that I had to catch the last train back to Birmingham, so had to leave at 11pm (after Very Best Years) missing the last 5 songs! Please play somewhere more central next time (like our second city, Birmingham!!!).

Bunny Mahoney says: i went to see jason at dingwalls last night...it was enormous!!! just him and a guitar/keyboard! i've just been listening to 'author unknown' for the first time in ages and seeing him live has breathed new life into these songs which, maybe, i've over played in the past! it's brought back the old goosebumps and spine tingles!
anyway, if i get round to it, i'll write a review and post it here, but shit man, it'll be so biased!! lader xxx

Jon Heal says: This was as good as I could have hoped for and then some. Jason played with just a beaten-up looking Telecaster, an acoustic and a Fender Rhodes electric piano. There were quite a few new ones I couldn't identify at all, but there wasn't a duff one among them - I couldn't wait for the next album before the show, now it's just plain painful.
On the (very small) minus side, there was the usual London disease of liggers yakking away at the back throughout, plus the wanker from last time yelling 'Peter Duncan!' every so often. Nevertheless, down front we had a rare old time. Jason was obviously very touched at the singing from the crowd - I guess every Falknerd in Britain was here.
If you see a bootleg of this show, buy it without thinking twice!

SimonG says: It was a great show last night. Dingwalls is a strange little venue with not much in the way of air conditioning, so the heat was stifling! I spotted a few celebs in the audience, most notably the bass player from Travis (Dougie Payne I think, but you'll have to check, he was with his wife the actress Kelly McDonald). Jason came on at about 9.20pm and kicked off with a new song. The audience overwhelmed Jason by singing the whole of She Goes To Bed, all he had to do was play guitar! He said he'd be smiling about that all the way home. There was lots of fooling around, with a Michael McDonald tune, and snatches of Who, Pink Floyd and Television songs. By the end he was looking tired (probably due to the heat) but happy. He told us we were better than the audience in Dublin last week because we were louder!!! I'm told that he played for two and a half hours in Dublin, but he couldn't do that in London due to the 11pm curfew in the venue (but he sneaked a few songs in after the curfew anyway!).

Dan Auty says: Jason played a near-2 hour solo set last night, mostly just him and an electric guitar, although he did a couple of songs on acoustic and on piano. A mix of new songs and stuff from his solo albums, plus some covers - Tom Waits' 'Johnsburg, Illinois', Magazines' 'Song From Under The Floorboards' and Bowie's 'Moonage Daydream', and best of all, Jellyfish's 'The Man I Used To Be'. Jason was chatty and friendly, and the audience provided some fantastic backing vocals much to his surprise! Great show.

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