4th Annual International Pop Overthrow

Hollywood, CA - Aug. 4, 2001

(submitted by myself and Sperry)

She Goes To Bed
She's Not The Enemy
Hey Little Spider
Miss Understanding
The Plan
She's Looking Back At Me (NEW SONG!)
I Live
Wicked Annabella

Both Belong
The Man I Used To Be

My Review:

Oh IPO, how I love you.

The night started off great. My boyfriend Dave, my friend Brian, and I got to the Troubadour at about 11. Before I bought the ticket I asked if my name was on the list, though I doubted it cos I wasn't working that night. Turns out I was!! Very cool. And right as we walked in the back room area (by the bar and merchandise table), who was standing there but Jason! Even cooler. He was talking to a group of people though, and I didn't want to disturb him so I didn't venture over to him. We were standing there for a while, and guess who comes up and says hi to me! My friends' jaws dropped to the floor, they couldn't believe "the Man" actually knew who I was...and quite honestly, I was a bit surprised too! He said that a friend of mine (Sperry) gave him a CD she'd made for me of him with Air on the Craig Kilborn show. He didn't have it on him though, and sadly I never got it from him!

He talked to us for a good 10 minutes about various things. He said his new Beatles album for children isn't really intended for kids, it's for the parents of the kids to enjoy while introducing their wee ones to music's greatest band. My friend asked which songs he was covering for it, and he mentioned that he was doing "Goodnight" by Paul. A heated debate ensued between us, arguing over who penned the song. He said it was "so a Paul song!", and I smugly stated that it was John who wrote it for his son Sean. To which he retorted, "don't you mean Julian?" Whoops! I knew that, too! That's what happens when you try to act all cool. (It's ok, Jason, I'll blame both our mistakes on that huge drink in your hand that night, and the imaginary one in mine.) We also talked about Softcore for a bit. I asked if there was any truth to the rumors that they would be touring for it, and he sadly said that was false. =( Oh well. He also told us in sort of wonderment that Brian Wilson was in the crowd! Anyway, I got some pictures with him, I hope they turn out, if they do you'll see them here very soon. (Oh, and Adam, I told him you said hi.)

But enough of all this. On with the show! I was able to get up to the front row next to my friends Ginger and Frankie. They asked Jason to please play "The Man I Used To Be," cos Frankie, who has been a hardcore fan since the Jellyfish days, never heard him play it live. I crossed my fingers for them. Jason walked onstage and was introduced by David Bash. All I can say is, he was on FIRE this night!! In all truthfullness, I've seen Jason perform solo 5 times, and this was by far the best show I've ever seen. He totally rawked! You can feel the vibe that he feels totally at home at the Troubadour. He opened with "She Goes To Bed," and for his 2nd song played "another 'she' song," "She's Not The Enemy." After that, he broke into part of "Waiting on a Friend" by the Rolling Stones. Jason said he'd "always wanted to be the new wave guy, with multiple piercings - before they were cool!" in the window during the video for the song. A little later he was noodling around again and played part of the Monkees' "Pleasant Valley Sunday" (penned by Goffin/King). Everyone was singing along, he played a full verse and the chorus. He 'bragged' that his "neighborhood best friend's dad wrote that song. So that makes me cool!" He introduced the next song as one "not released in any format, except on (here he proceeded to make little devil horns, in attempts to look like ears)...I think it's called Napster." And with that he broke into "Hey Little Spider." Computer nerd that I am, I'd never been able to find it, and was ecstatic to FINALLY have heard it!! Mid-song he paused and said, "I bet you never thought I'd do a song like this!" At the end he said that was his attempt at a perverted kids song. (Oh dear, wonder what he's done with the Beatles record!)

Just before he played "Miss Understanding," he requested a beer, but nothing happened, so he said "alright then, I won't have a beer!" Of course after that, they started lining up on the stage, and he could hardly contain his laughter while singing. A total of 4 beers came into his possession, and he handed out a couple to the audience. One happened to be to my friend Brian, who before the show told Jason the story about how he got kicked out of the El Rey last year seconds before Jason went on stage cos he was caught with someone drinking underage (it wasn't even his drink!). Jason handed it to him with a sly grin.

After "The Plan," the noodling ensued again, and we heard bits of "The Waiting" by Tom Petty and "Turning Japanese" by the Vapors. Yet another perverted song. Jason must've been in a pretty good mood! After "I Live," my friend requested the Beatles' "Goodnight" cos of our tiff earlier that evening, but he played part of "In My Life."

As you can probably tell, the set was great, pretty much different from Thursday night's. He came out for an encore and played "Both Belong." My friend Brian isn't too familiar with the Grays stuff, and remembered hearing "Very Best Years" at the Aron's Records in-store a month earlier. Well, he got the song titles confused, and just as Jason finished the song, Brian asked me "what's the song?" I thought he meant the one that he'd just played, but apparently he meant to ask what the song was that he wanted to hear. Well, after Jason finished the song, Brian yelled out a request for "Both Belong"! Jason had no choice but to make just a little fun of him. I found this quite hilarious, Brian wasn't too happy though!! He closed with "The Man I Used To Be," much to Frankie and Ginger's delight.

I had a truly fabulous evening. I saw several friends this night (but I missed you Sperry! Maybe next time...). I also got to meet Brian Keats. He toured with Jason in '99 as the drummer; he was drumming the first time I ever saw Jason live, right at the Troubadour in May of '99, and totally rawked! We've been emailing each other for a while, and it was great to finally meet him face to face. I never did find out who put me on the list this night. I asked David Bash, and he said it was Gail, but she didn't recall doing it. So, whoever did it, thank you!! How lucky was I to see Jason twice in the same week! And for free no less!! What a perfect closing to the 2001 IPO. Good friends, good music, what more can you ask for?

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