New York, NY - Feb. 16, 2003

(submitted by Tara Cadenelli)

Setlist (not in order):

Complicated Man
Feelin' Much Better
Put Her in the Movies
(new song)
These Early Days
His Train
She's Not the Enemy
Moonage Daydream
Johnsburg, Illinois
A Song from Under the Floorboards
Very Best Years
I Live
Miracle Medicine
She Goes to Bed
Miss Understanding
See You Again
Goodnight Sweet Night

(setlist submitted by Troy Westfield and Tara Cadenelli)

Amanda, the Red-Spectacled Mind Ranger says:

Those who braved the snow and wind to make it to this show on the Lower East Side were certainly not left nrewarded...

I came to this show by myself on a whim after catching wind of it on the Beck.com BBS. Sounded much better than sitting at home watching TV on a Sunday night, y'know? It was my very first time seeing Jason play -- my first time hearing any of his stuff, for that matter. I'd have to say i'm DEFINITELY a fan, now, though... with musicianship and talent like his, and his stage presence and humor, i can see that he's hard to resist.
wish i could write in more detail about the actual show and songs, but since i'm so new to his music, i'm a little limited in what i feel qualified to say : ) so i'll leave it at this.
good sound throughout the show, a responsive and positive crowd, good energy, excellent playing...
and a rockin' after-party. :)
Made my weekend!

Elizabeth Jenkins says:

gotta tell you, that gig was amazing!!! so nice with good spirit! ...and the cute hostess girl told that the gig was sold out so quickly!! you're right, there was beck on the audience and also james iha from pumpkins! we were actually little bit expecting beck to perform few songs with jason, but no....it doesn't matter, the show was absolutely fantastic and that jason is pretty funny also and cute!! definitely worth of being there, thanks!!!

Troy Westfield says:

He played for about an hour and a half, I think, switching between electric and acoustic. Gotta be the best six bucks anybody's ever spent.

Faces in the crowd: Beck was there, and I think I recognized the guy playing bass with them out here. We also thought we spotted James Iha, but that's unconfirmed. David Cross (who was also at Brendan's last Brownies gig) and Maya Rudolph (from SNL) were hanging afterwards, but I didn't notice them inside. The small space was almost packed; if I had to guess, there were about 150 there. Jason was really cool, although he claimed to be sick; he was real friendly and approachable afterwards (and before).

Neil Abrams says:

What a phenomenal show! Great vibe, and sense of humor. Very cool that for his encores, he let the crowd shout out what they wanted to hear...everyone left satisfied! Can't wait till next time....RAWK ON!!!!

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