Hollywood, CA - Dec. 4, 2002

(submitted by Jose Aranda)

Put Her in the Movies (new)
My Lucky Day
Complicated Man (new)
Don't Show Me Heaven
Lost Myself (new)
new song
She's Not The Enemy
You Am I (new)
Princessa (new)
Feelin' Much Better (new)
Miracle Medicine
I Live

Encore (electric/solo):
The Hard Way
She Goes To Bed
The Man I Used To Be
Miss Understanding

Final encore (with band):

(setlist provided by Mark Strong)

My review:

The night started off normal enough: running into Bobby Trendy picking up takeout from a nearby "luxurious!" restaurant on our way to the Troub, and ending up right in front of Heather Graham (who incidentally I've seen at every other Falk show I've ever attended). Sadly, my friends and I arrived a little late; they were already in the middle of the second song. But the band was so tee-ight, I couldn't feel too bad for long.

The keyboard player was especially cool, in particular during two new tunes, "Feelin' Much Better" and, my personal favorite, "Princessa." In fact, the set was full of brand spankin' new songs, but the band also played lots of old "chestnuts," as Jason referred to them, from his two albums. Between songs if you listened carefully you could hear Jason play tiny snippets of rawkers like "Train Kept A'Rollin" and various Kinks songs, including "Lola."

Two highlights of the evening were "Princessa" and "Untitled." Hearing the latter song was a pleasant surprise as it isn't part of Jason's usual repertoire. It was simply majestic with the band behind him. But "Miracle Medicine" had Jason turn into a superglam rawkstar kicking off killer licks that, by looking around at the crowd, blew everyone away.

The encore consisted of just Jason and his guitar. This was the request portion of the evening. Of course the Jellyheads in the audience shouted their inevitable request to which Jason responded, "You know, you play in a band that broke up 12 years ago and people just can't fucking forget about it. This is called 'The Man I Used to Be,' it's a good song." And it was.

For the grand finale, the band came back for a couple of numbers. Before the very last number, Jason mentioned that he had some shirts for sale, and that he only had 100 made, so get them now! The very last number, "Goodnight Sweet Night," almost worked. Before the first verse, communication among the musicians ceased to exist, and a painful barrage of sour notes and off beats resulted. An embarrassed Jason decided to collapse in self-pity onstage, still strumming his axe in a vain attempt to contain his laughter while the band continued playing the bars for at least an eternity of 60 seconds. Jason finally got back on his feet satisfied the song could continue, musing, "I bet no one wants to buy a t-shirt now!" But the band managed to pull of the beautiful farewell song to an enchanted crowd.

Unfortunatly I didn't get the chance to tell Jason how great I thought the set was; we had to leave right away so my boyfriend could get some sleep before having to get up at 5 in the morning for work. So Jason, I'd like to tell you that YOU RAWKED! and we can't wait for the next album if it's anything like what we heard at the Troub!

(Side note: saw members of the band Rooney there. Rawk.)

(Thanks to Mark Strong and Kevin Packard for refreshing my memory on some details.)

Melissa says: The performance at the Troubadour was outstanding!! A bit different from the last show I attended. I still remember it well. The band was very tight. I stood in front of the keyboardist who gracefully manned a stack of vintage synthesizers. Not to mention he was sooo hot!!! Jason was amazing as usual playing some old favorites and a few new gems as well. The new songs are great!! The first song of the set blew my mind! Untitled gave me the chills with a drawn out beautiful piano line at the end. The band soon followed into a gorgeous chorus. Jason played a few songs solo which included a Jellyfish favorite. Then the band came back to play a couple more tunes. It was very packed and worth the wait in line. You are sorry if you missed it! Can not wait to hear the new album!


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