The Monochrome Set
Strange Boutique (1980)

Song: "Tomorrow Will Be Too Long"
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1.The Monochrome Set
2.The Lighter Side Of Dating
4.The Puerto Rican Fence Climber
5.Tomorrow Will Be Too Long
6.Martians Go Home
7.Love Goes Down The Drain
8.Ici Les Enfants
9.The Etcetera Stroll
10.Goodbye Joe
11.The Strange Boutique

Mini - Bio:

When the British art-school punk band the B-Sides changed their name and direction to become Adam & the Ants, guitarist/vocalist Bid and guitarist Lester Square opted out to form their own group, the Monochrome Set. Founded in London in 1978, the band (also comprised of ex-Gloria Mundi and Mean Street bassist Jeremy Harrington and former Art Attacks drummer J.D. Crowe) was quickly snapped up by the Rough Trade label, and during 1979 issued three singles -- "He's Frank," "Eine Symphonie des Grauens," and their signature number, "Monochrome Set" -- all completely different in content and stylistic approach.

After former B-Sides bassist Andy Warren grew tired of life in Adam & the Ants, he rejoined bandmates Bid and Square, replacing Harrington. In 1980 the Monochrome Set released their debut album, the cabaret-flavored Strange Boutique, followed later that year by the singles "405 Lines" and "Apocalypso" as well as another, more accessible full-length effort, Love Zombies. Complete with new guitarist Foz, keyboardist Caroline Booth and drummer Nick Wesolowski, they returned in 1982 with a cleaner, more melodic sound on the LP Eligible Bachelors; "The Jet Set Junta," a satiric jab at the Falklands Islands conflict, became a significant hit the next year.

Following the depatrure of Square, the Monochrome Set veered even closer to light pop fare on singles like 1985's "Jacob's Ladder; " the sound subsquently crystallized on the nostalgically-themed LP The Lost Weekend. When the record met with dismal commercial response, the group disbanded, only to reform in 1989 around the nucleus of Bid, Square and Warren along with new keyboaridst Orson Presence. The 1990 album Dante's Casino did little to raise the Monochrome Set's chart visibility, but the band soldiered on, releasing Charade in 1993, Misere in 1994 and Trinity Road in 1995.

- by Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide
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