The Ronettes
The Best of The Ronettes (1959 - 1966)

Song: "Baby I Love You"
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1. Be My Baby (Barry/Greenwich/Spector)
2. Why Don't They Let Us Fall in Love (Barry/Greenwich/Spector)
3. I Wonder (Barry/Greenwich/Spector)
4. Baby I Love You (Barry/Greenwich/Spector)
5. (The Best Part of) Breakin' Up (Andreoli/Poncia/Spector)
6. So Young (Tyus)
7. When I Saw You (Spector)
8. Do I Love You? (Andreoli/Poncia/Spector)
9. You Baby (Mann/Spector/Weil)
10. How Does It Feel? (Andreoli/Poncia/Spector)
11. Walking in the Rain (Mann/Spector/Weil)
12. Born to Be Together (Mann/Spector/Weil)
13. Is This What I Get for Loving You? (Goffin/King/Spector)
14. Paradise (Botkin/Garfield/Nilsson/Spector)
15. Here I Sit (Nilsson/Spector)
16. I Wish I Never Saw the Sunshine (Barry/Greenwich/Spector)
17. Everything Under the Sun (Crewe/Knight)
18. You Came, You Saw, You Conquered (Levine/Spector/Wine)

Mini - Bio:

Before Phil Spector took them under his wing in the early '60s, the Ronettes had already recorded several singles and were regionally successful. But the Spector-produced records are what everyone remembers and for a good reason -- they featured some of his biggest, best productions along with equally impressive songs. Beneath his monumental wall of sound, lead vocalist Ronnie Bennett, who would later marry Spector, sang songs of teenage love in a plain, girlish voice; "Be My Baby," the group's first and biggest hit, was the pinnacle of the group's talent, as well as being one of the producer's finest moments. None of their following singles (including "Baby, I Love You," "(The Best Part of) Breaking Up," and "Walking in the Rain") were quite as successful commercially, although they were nearly as strong artistically. While Spector was inactive in the mid-'60s, the Ronettes were also inactive; together they re-emerged in 1969, to a small commercial reception. After Ronnie divorced Spector in 1973, she formed a new version of the Ronettes that lasted for three years; after the group disbanded, she launched a solo career.

- by Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide
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