Live with Air
Finsbury Park

London, England - June 9, 2002

(photos submitted by Mark Waters)

Mark Waters says: We waited for five hours before Air finally came on stage, although we did spot Jason earlier grooving along to Echo and the Bunnymen. This show was not too good at all, they suffered sound problems all the way through. Most of the keyboards couldn't be heard so you were left with only guitar, bass and drums most of the time. The band themselves played fine and to anyone who didn't know the music of Air they wouldn't have noticed the problems. Jason spent a lot of time shouting at the sound man much to our amusment. To top it all off it started to rain with a vengence in the middle of the set which didn't please us one little bit. We got soaked as the band (Jason in particular) looked on smiling, buggers. There were good points to this gig though! Air played new versions of Sex Born Poison and Kelly Watch The Stars which were excellent. Some of the crowd seemed a bit restless during their relaxed version of Sexy Boy and started shouting for New Order, a bit cruel really don't you think? Anyway they ended on a high when everything seemed to come together for great performance of La Femme D'Agent.

Not the best of gigs and dispite the good points of it I left feeling a bit disappointed.

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