4th Annual International Pop Overthrow

Hollywood, CA - Aug. 2, 2001

(photos taken by me)

Setlist: (not in order, sorry!)
She's Not The Enemy
I Live
See You Again
Wicked Annabella
She Goes To Bed
The Plan
She's Looking Back At Me (NEW SONG!)
Miracle Medicine
A Lot To Learn
Both Belong
I Go Astray

My Review:

This was the first show ever that I had volunteered to work at. Gail George from Universal Music said I would be working the merchandise table, and told me to get there at 6:30, when everyone started setting up. I, of course, get lost; I had never been there before and thought I had gone too far down Hollywood Blvd, but it turns out I hadn't gone far enough, and I made about 3 u-turns before I finally made it there. But anyway! I finally get there at about 7, right during Jason's sound-check. Very cool.

While working the merchandise table, I had a beautiful view of all the bands that evening. In my opinion, the bands got progressively better as the evening went on. The lineup was The Rye Catchers, The Supers, The Rosenbergs, The Scooters, The Nines, and of course Jason. The Nines were the big winners of merch sales this evening. The lead singer's wife, Claire, was sitting right next to me helping out. (If anyone was there, I was the blonde girl wearing all black w/ red shoes, usually sitting right in the middle.) While it got a little confusing at times keeping track of what and how many of everything was being sold, it wasn't too hard at all, and very much worth getting in for free!

As I was working, Jason's father Avery came up to me and asked if I was Linda. I said yes, and that it was nice to officially meet him, since we'd both remembered standing next to each other at the Aron's Records in-store in July. He talked about my website and joked that now he can finally keep up with all of his son's activities! I thought that was very cool of him to say hi.

It turned out to be a really late night. Jason was scheduled to go on at 10:50, but the bands got pushed late and he didn't go on till after midnight. Gail let me go up to see Jason's set, and a nice guy in the front row let me stand in front of him (I'm short so I wouldn't be blocking him anyway). I came prepared this time and was armed with my camera.

As Jason walked on stage, David Bash (who puts on IPO) introduced him as "one of pop music's true geniuses," and spoke glowingly of all his releases, previous and pending. All the while, Jason put a pompous smirk, and remarked at the end of David's speech, "The script read beautifully!" With that he picked up his black Tele, and broke into "She's Not the Enemy." You can see the setlist above for the other tunes. After "I Live," he said he felt like one of those guys on the Vegas circuit, and apologized for not having any new songs. He introduced the next one as another old one, not even by him!, and played "Wicked Annabella."

He introduced "Honey" by saying it was a rather randy song, and while he didn't write many songs on the subject, this was one of them. During one of the later songs, his guitar went dead, but gracious as always, he didn't let that stop him from simply plugging back in and continue rockin'. Interspersed between songs were tiny blurps of Zeppelin songs, which is apparently Jason's latest obsession. "I just can't get enough Led Zeppelin!"

As he was going to switch over to the acoustic, he went to plug in and found that nothing was happening. People were scurrying around on stage trying to find different plugs, and switching them all around. Finally, someone in the audience suggested to simply mic the guitar, which they thought was brilliant. He played one song, but didn't like that setup so switched back to the electric. I think it was sometime after this that he played a new song, which he said was the only new one he had! It was very catchy with a cool vocal melody. When he got to the middle part, he stopped and yelled "I need a band!"and looking behind him to a phantom drummer said "come on!"

He got unplugged again during "A Lot To Learn," and he just laughed, shook his head, and continued. He handled all the technical difficulties this evening with grace and humor. He has a stage presence where you don't feel embarrassed for him, as you would for others, but rather you laugh along with him and feel you're part of a kind of special, memorable occassion. (Or is it just me?) He came out for an encore and said, "This one's for the guy who came up to me earlier this evening and said, 'Are you gonna be playing again without a band? 'Cos that's getting fucking boring!' You know who you are..." and broke into "I Go Astray." (Geddit?)

After his set, I milled around for a bit just so I could say bye to Jason. I talked to him for a minute or so and asked him to sign my Can You Still Feel? LP. He signed it "Linda, thank you for everything!" He tried to steal my Sharpie again, but I wouldn't have it. As I was standing there, someone said to me, "Red shoes; you must be Linda!" It was an email-friend of mine, Greg. I thought this was funny since out of the two of us, you'd think Jason would be getting all the attention, so I turned to him and said, "See, I'm famous!" to which he replied, "Well you should be!" I told him I'd see him at the Troubador on Saturday, and drove home happy as a clam.

Gail, I am forever indebted to you for a memorable evening!

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