Living Room Show

Los Angeles, CA - March 30, 2001

These are only a few of the pictures taken by Jay Gilbert for this special Living Room Show. See the entire roll (and even order prints!) at Jay's Album posted on's Ofoto server.

Setlist: (in no particular order)


Great Big Yes (piano)
Start Over Again (piano)
The Hard Way
She's Not The Enemy
A Lot To Learn
Both Belong
Very Best Years
I Live
Miracle Medicine
Don't Show Me Heaven
She Goes To Bed
Before My Heart Attacks
Miss Understanding
The Invitation (full version) (piano)
The Plan
Became Anitta Captured
See You Again
His Train
Tiny Little Spider
Song For Her


This Will Be Our Year (The Zombies)
Norwegian Wood (The Beatles)
Wicked Annabella (The Kinks)
Accidents Will Happen (Elvis Costello)
Johnsberg, IL. (Tom Waits)
Moonage Daydream (Bowie)
The King Is Half-Undressed (Jellyfish)

(setlist submitted by Mark Strong)

I personally was unable to attain one of the precious tickets raffled off through a lottery system for this show, so I emailed Jay Gilbert, one of the coordinators, asking for more info about how it was and how it came to be. He forwarded my message to the other coordinator, Gail George, and she wrote me a lovely email answering all my questions. I have exerpted her letter below for those who, like me, wanted to know all about this unique performance came into being.

"My name is Gail George and I work for Universal Music. The Living Room Show was held in Jay Gilbert's home in LA and we had around 50 people packed into that living room. Approximately 35 of those folks were picked through a lottery system (I had almost 150 requests to be at this show) and the rest were industry folks, the media and Jason's guests including uber producer Nigel Godrich [of Radiohead & Travis fame]. Jason played for almost three hours, played by request, played just about everything of his and included some great surprise covers. He was very relaxed and charming and funny. He told great stories and had the audience in stitches numerous times throughout the evening. He really just shines in this type of environment. During the break and at the end of the evening, he spent quality time with everyone who came to the show, signing autographs, posing for pictures, just hanging out. He was the last one to leave and was absolutely overwhelmed by the experience. It was surreal! For everyone including Jason!

When I first approached him about doing this back in December, Jay and I had already done two shows, one with SF recording artist Chris von Sneidern and the amazing Parthenon Huxley. Both of the shows went beyond my wildest expectations and were just beyond belief. Parthenon actually recorded his show and that CD (P. Hux - Live in Your Living Room) is now available for sale through various outlets including Not Lame. Their fans got these extremely intimate performances by their musical heros and were able to interact with them as well. When I saw how successful these previous two shows were, I thought about who I could ask next, who would benefit the most on every level and I came up with Jason. I gave him a call, and my sales pitch and he said yes. We are friends and we have known each other for a couple of years so he knew I would not put him in any uncomfortable or difficult situation that would compromise his integrity as an artist or put pressure on him as my friend. I knew the show would be amazing and it was. He walked out of the house feeling loved, honored and revered and the fans floated out knowing they had experienced something extremely special and a night they will remember forever. It was very special, indeed."

Here are some quotes from people who attended this living room show.

"I just wanted to write to you and thank you for one of the best nights of my 23 years of existence."

"This was the pinnacle of my concert-going life!"

"...that concert was everything I imagined and more!"

"The value of such an uniquely personal evening to a loyal fan cannot be measured."

"The show was truly beyond belief! It was an awesome night I will always remember fondly."

"Thank you for putting on such as special night. Definitely one for the scrapbook."

"I hope this encourages Jason to do this again sometime. He is an amazing songwriter and one heck of a nice guy."

"It was a truly fantastic evening which I'll remember fondly for a very long time."

"Thank YOU for opening up your home to complete strangers so we could experience one of the most personal and fantastic concerts we've ever been to! It was truly an amazing evening."

"Thank you for organizing the greatest Jason Falkner show ever!!!"

"There were times Friday night where it was just transcendent being in the same room with him right in front of me and hearing those songs and seeing musicianship at the highest level RIGHT in front of me. Amazing!"

"I'm still high over it and have been listening to his music almost non-stop since seeing him."

"Jason is SO inspiring to me!"

"It truly was excellent. I talked about Jason's show all weekend, and it even inspired me (old aging rocker) to have a go at writing a song for the first time in years!"

"I'm still trying to catch my breath over this show. What a night!"

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